BENEDIKT Parstorfer

consulting - facilitation 

- market research


Welcome to my website where you'll learn about me, my experience and the services I offer regarding individual, team and organizational development as well as market research and customer insights. 

Please feel free to contact me about interesting

opportunities as well as feedback and questions.


Individuals: Assess your personal value systems, define your goals and learn how to reach them, get rid of possible road blocks.

Teams: Learn about your team culture and how you function as a unit. Understand conflicts and learn how to resolve them.

Organizations: Assess your corporate culture and get a new perspective on leadership.

Research / customer insights: Understand your market and your clients' needs and behavior.​

Benedikt Parstorfer holds a graduate degree in psychology. He has worked in consulting, marketing & sales, leadership development as well as project management and is a skilled facilitator, researcher, public speaker and author. He is passionate about human communication & decision making, personal & organizational development and linguistics.